This book is first dedicated to my daughter Theresa. She helped me to realize that children must be taught the secrets of success before they grow old.

The book is a memorial to my two daughters Judy and Jody taken from me before I was taught the secrets of success and the prayer that they may someday know the true spirit of their father.

The book is also dedicated to my two sons Edward and Kenneth. Though they have endured much suffering, I hope they know the key to success in within their grasp.

I dedicate this book to my wife Jeanith. Though she has painfully suffered medically all these years, she has taught me never to give up.

I would also like to dedicate this book to my youngest daughter Kimberly that has grown into a wonderful young woman with all the ambition and understanding to succeed.

And last, I want to dedicate this book to all the children eight to eighty so that they may have the Key to Success without waiting any longer.

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