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I am dedicated to creating new technology E-Books that are designed to teach you how to become successful at Network Marketing. Many of these principles will apply to other businesses, especially online marketing. All books will be coded with our protected link technology preventing others from changing your book and insuring that in the future all books you distribute will still have valid links even if you change your program or website address.

The following books are available now:

I am in the process of redesigning this website and the books to go with it.
I am going to turn this into a clickbank affiliate program.

"Small Dreams Have No Magic - The Key to Success"
This book is a success motivation story for ALL ages with over 100 printed pages.
The book is free to download but if you read it and enjoy it then please donate $1+ for it.

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"Why Why?"
Learn why you need to know your why.

"Smoke Signals"
Find out the main case of failure by sales people.

"Unlimited Leads and What to Say"
Get unlimite local leads and know what to say to them.

This is the difinitive usermanual for Songstergram.

E-Books under development are:

  • Infinity2Global
    • Everything you need to know about Infinity2Global
  • How to Create eBooks
    • Show you the best program for creating eBooks
  • How to make money with eBooks
    • Teach you how to monitize eBooks

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